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Miss Pauling wants to hear how the Soldier became a public defender, and the Spy dismisses it with a reminder that a magician is the Soldier s roommate. She asks the Spy to make sure their difficulties do not escalate, the Spy assures her as he watches the Soldier punching an angry father. Soon after the sudden arrival of Old Nick, Miss Pauling orders the Spy to rapidly remove him, but is horrified to discover the Spy s program requires the enable of a young boy alternatively of simply finding him to security. The Administrator hired a Director to record background data about what the RED team members may say if asked inquiries about their jobs. Miss Pauling felt the surveillance was unnecessary due to the low IQs of the mercenaries, but nonetheless oversaw the interviews. She assured the group that the objective of the interviews was merely a PR stunt to enable boost the reputations of the mercenaries to the citizens of Badlands.

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