Urban Hookup Slang

You can easily hook up with the perfect person on adult dating web sites by knowing and using the best urban slang for hookups. If you know these urban cliches, you will find yourself picking up more hookups in no time. Some of these phrases are quite clever and others are just plain silly. Either way, it is an excellent way to pick up more hookups and have some fun in the process.

“We should hang out more often.” When you consider that the number one reason people fail at hookups is that they do not maintain an open mind, this phrase is very helpful. Just as the saying goes, “If you believe you want something, you should not put a price tag on it.” By stating this simple phrase, you give your potential hookups the idea that you are open to meeting them in person and possibly hooking up.

“We should easily hook up with them in public places.” The majority of people who fail to hookup end up getting into serious dating trouble. Because the majority of the people using online dating services do not want to be rejected by someone they meet online, they will simply avoid dating in public places. By stating this phrase, you give your potential dating partners the idea that you are willing to go to any length to meet them and/or hookups will be easy to find.

“I am looking for casual hookups.” There is nothing more annoying than being told you are not going to have sex when you go out for a date or a first date. This phrase is used by people who have used online dating services and found out how popular they really are and want to find out what other people are looking for in hookups.

“I am looking for a casual hookup.” This phrase is often used by people on websites used for dating. People who are looking for casual hookups prefer not to take risks by meeting for a date in an unknown area. A good example of this phrase is “I’m thinking of going to a club to see some friends after work. Any ideas? Anyone good?”

“I need assistance in finding me some hot girls.” Finding someone to have casual sex with is as easy as looking on various dating sites. Simply state this phrase and search on popular dating sites. Most people who use online services are more than happy to assist others in finding the best urban slang for hookups.